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Script Consulting

 Below are just some of the projects Luísa has worked on as a story editor and consultant. 



“Luisa is one of the few trusted voices that I go to whenever I need feedback on a script. She is one of the best I have ever seen and will forever be a sounding board for me when I am working on a project.”

Lanre Olabisi

Writer/Director. Disney Directing Fellow, HBO Directing Fellow. Director: The Rookie, Rookie Feds.

“Luisa was an instrumental part of the creative development work done for Amazon Studios Local Originals in Brazil. Her notes were consistently sharp, thoughtful and constructive and her breadth of knowledge allowed her to effecitvely work across multiple genres for both scripted series and movies.”

Pedro Bittar

Amazon Project Manager

“Luisa is not only an exceptional writer herself, she is the ideal reader to send your script for insightful feedback and inspiring notes. We had many workshop courses together in graduate school in which she always offered thoughtful resolutions to story problems.”


Donny Sheldon

Writer, General Hospital. WGA Award-Winner

“Luisa is an incredible storyteller and teacher. She has a keen understanding of both story and characters--and is able to help writers dig out specificity in both. She also has great instincts about pacing and is able to intuit when plot points need to be sped up or slowed down to help tell the story as effectively as possible.”


Bianca Ursillo

Writer/ Writer's Assistant (Archive 81, Dispatches from Elsewhere)

“I have used Luisa’s services many times and will continue to do so. What is wonderful about her notes and coverage is that no matter the genre or format she is reading, Luisa understands what the story needs to be successful. She looks at the intent of the script or pilot to give feedback that is constructive. I cannot recommend Luisa highly enough!”

Michael Bina


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