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Luísa Parnes

Welcome to the world of Luísa Parnes, writer, director and script consultant. 

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and currently living in Los Angeles, Luísa's writing credits include Before I Forget and An Unforgettable Year: Spring

She has consulted for major studios such as Amazon Studios on shows such as the GLAAD-nominated and multiple award-winning September Mornings

Please explore the website do find out more about Luísa's work as a writer, director, consultant and educator. 


Luísa Parnes at the 2023 LABRFF, where she served as President of the Jury

Projects Overview


BEFORE I FORGET (2018, director Tiago Arakilian)

Written by Luísa Parnes

Screened in over 40 international Film Festivals. 

Awards include:

Best Film at Jaipur International Film Festival

Best Film LABRFF

Best Film Brazil International Film Festival

Jury Prize Portugal International Film Festival

"There are precious lines in the script written by Luisa Parnes, the standout revelation in screenwriting at this festival so far. She provides Tiago with concise yet emotionally rich dialogues in the narrative of the escapades of Judge Polidoro (José de Abreu, delivering his best performance on screen since the 1980s) as he supports the renovation of a strip club in Copacabana. It will be up to his estranged son, the musician Paulo (Danton), to assist his old man, especially in the battle against Alzheimer." (Rodrigo Fonseca)

LearningToRide-Poster-FINAL_V2 (2).jpg

LEARNING TO RIDE (2020, written and directed by Luísa Parnes)

Screened in over 10 Film Festivals

Luísa's Directorial debut, the film screened in twelve film festivals across the globe. 

Winner of Best Script, Jury Award at the São Paulo Film Festival. 

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